The Hoogeland (Highland) is located north of the city of Groningen and is also characterised by numerous dykes, which once served as a protection from the rising water.

The Hoogeland has a vast countryside with many authentic terp (artificial hillock) villages with historic village centres and churches. Typical cloudy skies ensure a picturesque whole.



Almost every village in the Hoogeland has a mill or a remnant of one. Over the last few years, many mills have been renovated and function as they used to. The Joeswerd mill in Feerwerd grinds and sells various types of flour, and the corn and hulling mill Zeldenrust in Westerwijtwerd has also been restored to function as a grinding mill. Some mills have received another designated use, such as the Hunsingo mill in Onderdendam, which now houses a Bed & Breakfast and a restaurant. The province of Groningen has a total of eighty mills, from mills where traditional work still takes place to the large windmill park with modern technology in the Eemshaven harbour. This harbour, located in the most northeasterly part of the highland, was developed to function as the energy harbour of the Netherlands.

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