Munnekemoer is located in the region of Westerwolde. It refers to the monks from the region and ‘moer’ which refers to ‘moor’ or ‘veenmoeras’ (peat bog).

The southern tip consists of a sand ridge (the foothills of the Drenthe Hondsrug hills) which runs from Ter Apel to Blijham and was once surrounded by the largest marshy area in north-western Europe.

This area has a green atmosphere with wooded areas that resemble those in the province of Drenthe. Westerwolde is also the location of the Ruiten Aa stream valley, a beautiful scenic area which has partly been restored to its old glory. The stream that was once straightened now meanders again and a number of areas near the Ruiten Aa have been or will be brought back to their original state. There are projects that adjust the soil hydrology and which allow for plant and animal life to develop in a varied scenic area.

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