Battle of Bourtange

Battle of Bourtange

Fort Bourtange lies close to the German/ Dutch border in Westerwolde. Among the unique historic defences, bygone times are relived. Unusual activities occur in this fortified town, including the annual ‘Battle of Bourtange’.

During the 'battle' on 10 and 11 June, Bourtange returns to 1814 for two days as the army of the former 'Nederland' attempts to capture the fort.

The battle is re-enacted on both days, including the roar of cannons in the town. The old fortress town is inhabited by hundreds of commanders, gunners, musketeers, pike men, flag-bearers, drummers and camp guards; everyone a volunteer. The inhabitants bed down in tents. Everything is a throwback to the past: their clothing and weapons, but also their cooking utensils and tents.

A visit to Bourtange offers a treat for the entire family. In addition to a number of small shops, the fort has catering establishments and four museums, including the Kapiteinswoning (Captain's house), where you can see how people lived in the past.

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