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Zoutkamp has an important history. It used to have a strategic location by the estuary of the Reitdiep canal in the Lauwerszee sea, and until the completion of the Eemskanaal in 1876, was the only entrance to the city of Groningen from the sea.

During the Eighty Years’ War, a Spanish garrison was stationed here, and in 1576 the Soltcampe sconce was constructed. The venue functioned as a military fortress for centuries after. By the end of the 17th and during the 18th century, fishermen had taken up residence in the old sconce. The Zoutkamp harbour remained of essential importance for shrimping until the 1960s. Heiploeg, the largest shrimp processing factory in Europe, is established here.

After the Lauwerszee was closed off and the disappearance of fishing from the Zoutkamp harbours, the village gradually developed into a tourist draw, and is a lovely location for spending time outside the dyke along the Reitdiepkade quay or in one of the various catering establishments.


De Marne round, 36 km
Signposting via bicycle junctions 89-6-7-10-14-13-15-24-16-94-93-92-90-89
The route can be divided into two routes, each of about 19.5 km:
Marnewaard route: 89-6-7-10-14-23-89
Kwelderwallen (salt marsh embankments) route: 89-23-14-13-15-24-16-94-93-92-90-89


Option 1: Trail through the historic village of Zoutkamp.
Option 2: The Marne route, 16.3 km
Signposting via the Waddenwandelen junctions: 72-40-50-51-52-65-90-91-87-70-72

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