Golfing is one of the fastest expanding sports in the Netherlands. Fans can golf to their heart’s content in the Groningen countryside.

Greens are located in Veendam, Vlagtwedde, Glimmen, and Roden (Drenthe). Golf’s kid brother, pitch & putt, is also advancing quickly in the province. Beautifully maintained grass strips are situated in Oostwold, Harkstede, and in the city of Groningen.

The Noord-Nederlandse Golf- en Countryclub (north Netherlands golf and country club) is located at the de Poll rural estate at the Polsselaan 5 in Glimmen, on a 60-hectare rural estate known since 1814 as “De Poll”. An approximately 1.5 kilometre-long driveway runs along the eastern side of the estate, one side of which borders the “Besloten Venen”, the stream valley from the Drentse A to the Zuidlaardermeer lake, and the other the first three holes of the 18-hole golf course. The west side borders a railway line. 4.

De Compagnie golf club in Veendam has been set out on a 40-hectare terrain, of which the space was optimally used by the architect. The holes all have different characters, and the large amount of sand from the excavated water gardens was used to create differences in height. The greens are quite large and built with much “movement”, and are guarded by strategically placed bunkers. The numerous water gardens form the course’s most important characteristic in eight of the nine holes, making this course extremely daring for players with a low handicap, yet all but impossible for beginners.

The Gelpenberg golf club in Drenthe at the Gebbeveenweg 1 in Aalden is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the north of the Netherlands. Many preconditions for top golf are met: a wonderful 18-hole golf course, ample practicing facilities including a PAR-3 track with 6 holes of varying lengths and a large club house.

The Drentsche Golf & Country Club at the Ten Oeverstraat 13 in Zeijerveen is located in the wooded area of Zeijen, just north of Assen. This course is the largest in the north of the Netherlands, with 27 holes and 9 practicing holes.

The park course of the Semslanden golf club at the Nieuwe Dijk 1 in Gasselternijveen lies hidden in the Drenthe countryside, on the slopes of the Hondsrug hills in the direct vicinity of Gasselte. It includes nine holes; all provided with strategic water gardens and panoramic views, and which form a challenge to advanced golfers. Since June 1999, the club avails of a full eighteen-hole course with an A status.