Horse riding

Where there is grass, there are horses. This means that numerous four-footed animals populate the Groningen pastures. The Westerkwartier region and other regions are known for their many equestrians and riding schools.

Covered Wagon Rides

Take a ride in a covered wagon with the Waddenexpres of the Groninger Landschap, near Pieterburen. These rides take place every Sunday in July and August, or by reservation. Start time is 2 pm; a ride takes about 1.5 hours. The starting point is the Waddencentrum; booking is desired. Cost: 3 euro per person; 1.50 for children under 13. Bring walking shoes, rainproof clothing if required, and binoculars.

Riding Schools

Riding Schools

Stichting Ruitersport (equestrian sports) Lauwersmeer provides the opportunity to enjoy the Lauwersmeer scenic area on horseback. Guided tours start at the Paardensportboerderij (equestrian sports farm) North-West in Vierhuizen.
For more information, please call St. Ruitersport Lauwersmeer: +31 (0)595-571325 or Paardensportboerderij North-west: +31 (0)595-402072.

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