Beppe Baukje

Beppe Baukje

The Beppe Baukje is a Groningen freighter from circa 1920; a ‘platte bol’ (round and flat bottom). In recent years, it has been converted into a passenger ship, retaining as many original features as possible.

These ships were originally used for transporting freight (mainly peat and beets) via canals and channels in the north of the Netherlands. Some of them were provided with a motor, while others used sails, usually combined with ‘hauling’ for which sometimes a horse, but usually the bargee’s wife, pulled the boat along from the bank.

Beppe is available for hire with the captain and sailor for a few hours, half a day or an entire day. We do not sail fixed routes, but determine in consultation how much time we will take and the route to be sailed. The pick-up point is usually in the city of Groningen.

In addition to a short excursion, you can also opt for a training course, team-building session or creative workshop on board. We can naturally provide drinks and snacks, a lunch on board or a picnic.

If you have another idea, any questions, or if you wish to book, please contact Stichting tot behoud van de Beppe Baukje
Secretariat: 06 55191600(Marten Albers)


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