Nieuwe Kerk

The New Church

The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is the first church in Groningen that was constructed especially for Protestant services. Both the Martini church and the Der Aa church were originally Roman Catholic. The church was built after the example of the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam. The result is a Renaissance-style building with a floor plan in the shape of a Greek cross and a small tower. Small triangular houses were constructed between the crosses, one of which is still inhabited by the sexton.
Originally this place was a cemetery outside the city where people who died of the plague were buried. This is why the Nieuwe Kerkhof rises slightly above its surrounding area. Today the former cemetery is a green oasis of tranquillity with a field of grass with ancient trees in the city centre.


  • Nieuwe Kerkhof 1
    9712 PT Groningen
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