Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam

De Gouden Eeuw van Groningen

The history of the Groningen Peat District is extremely rich. From 1600, the layer of peat that was various metres thick has been excavated by refugees and job-seekers from near and far. For example, take the shipbuilders, shipowners and the nautical college that delivered hundreds of captains. Or the special role captains’ wives fulfilled, who really held their ground. And don’t forget the tradespeople and manufacturers in the areas of cardboard, starch and beets. In Veendam, Anthony Winkler Prins wrote the encyclopaedia which was named after him, and in Sappemeer, the first Dutch female student of medicine to be, Aletta Jacobs, went to the former Dutch High School for the 12-18 year age group. Everyone left their mark on this special area; a colourful group of people, consisting of enterprising adventurers and pioneers.


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