Voormalige Rijks HBS Groningen

The former Groningen state former Dutch High School for the 12-18 year age group

In 1876, this distinctive building was the entry for the world fair in Philadelphia. In those days the building, which was designed as a former Groningen state former Dutch High School, was considered the ultimate example for school building in secondary education.

A special element in this design by architect H. Raamakers is the freehand drawing classroom above the hallway. This classroom had a glass ceiling with an extended glass dome above it.

The former school was designed around 1869 and is characterised by its monumental Neo-classical architectural style. Striking elements include the three semicircular arches above the entrance and the polygonal observation post lined with wood from which the stars can be observed.


  • Kamerlingheplein 1-13
    9712 TR Groningen
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